The Unboxing Of The OnePlus Nord CE

With the impending release of the brand new OnePlus 9 series earlier this year, the smartphone market has been transformed by the rise of one of the most interesting devices available from the Chinese manufacturer. With an extremely attractive price tag, it is no surprise that many people have been waiting anxiously for its release – hoping to grab a golden egg within its enticing crystal box. While this device is certainly one of the most advanced smartphones currently on the market, it still falls short of expectations in a couple of areas. One of these is the area of software, with many people expecting it to offer something really ground breaking and innovative. Fortunately, it does not, although it is also the case with many devices from this manufacturer. OnePlus Nord CE

The dual camera setup on the front, and the standard size of the home button on the back are both visually tempting features of this handset, which will no doubt encourage the many curious consumers out there. In terms of actual functionality, there is little that would be classified as revolutionary – with most things simply being enhanced, refined or made easier to use. For example, there is no such thing as the standard Android OS that many smartphones use, which simplifies the overall user experience. This means that many of those who buy the OnePlus Nordic CE will be left frustrated with their purchase, having bought nothing more than a generic looking and poorly performing smartphone.

If there is one thing that this device has that other smartphones from major brands do not, it’s the dual camera arrangement. Unlike many devices from the likes of Nokia and HTC, which offer two cameras on their devices, the OnePlus Nord CE offers a single 16 mega-pixel camera on the rear, and two miniature ones on the front, allowing users to take a number of photos with a greater degree of precision and ease. What’s great about this, aside from the obvious novelty of having more cameras on a smartphone, is that this also makes the device much more affordable than its competitors. For around $roph4 inclusive, it is quite difficult to find another smartphone that offers as much as this device, which could go some way towards explaining why it has so many fans. The dual camera set up on the OnePlus Nordschriften is just one way in which this manufacturer has set itself apart from the competition.

Like many other manufacturers in this competitive smartphone market, the standard of the image processing engine and the software on the OnePlus Nord CE is quite commendable, although it lacks on one key feature – that of a high quality dual camera sensor. The phone’s front and rear cameras use an autofocus system to allow you to take photos with a higher degree of accuracy, but unfortunately, it does not have optical zoom. As such, there are some aspects of the camera which are a little unclear when taking images with this unit. Fortunately, these issues are relatively minor, and can be easily corrected by following the available instructions on the phone’s user manual.

Despite lacking one crucial component of a smartphone like optical zoom, the OnePlus Nord CE still manages to score quite nicely thanks to its mid-range pricing and impressive software experience. If you’re looking for something stylish and with a lot to offer in terms of software experience, then this is definitely one of your options. At just over $roph4, it is one of the most affordable devices on the market, and will therefore give you the best value for money. For this price, you get a powerful device with tons of useful features, excellent display quality, solid battery life and the ability to upload high quality videos and pictures.

The best way to buy the OnePlus Nord CE is by purchasing it direct from the manufacturer. This means that you get to pick and choose exactly what you want from the device – making it easier to compare different products and making sure you buy one of the best devices on the market. You can also save quite a bit by purchasing it online, as many sites offer a discount when you buy in bulk, meaning you save even more on the phone’s price.

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